Desert Menu

Dark Chocolate & Pecan Brownie $14

with a raspberry & chocolate anglaise & whipped cream

Lakehouse Cheesecake $14

Ask our wait staff for today’s flavour

Banoffee Pie $14

Set on a malt biscuit base caramel then topped with fresh banana and whipped cream

Dark Chocolate Fondue $20 (to share)

with a selection of dried & fresh dipping fruits, dark chocolate Brownie Chunks, marshmallows, & melted chocolate served on a stone

Classic Ice Cream Sundae $12

with pink wafers, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, 100’s & 1000’s, chocolate, strawberry & passionfruit or caramel sauce

Icecream Trio $14

Lemongrass & ginger, salted caramel, dutch chocolate icecream, served in a brandy basket topped with fresh fruit garnish

Bailey’s Tiramisu $14

Traditional tiramisu made with baileys, served with fresh fruit garnish

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