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Garlic Bread $9.50

Turkish bread with lashings of garlic butter.
Add Cheese $2 Add Dukkah $3
Selection of all three: $16.50 (6)

Bruschetta $16

Toasted turkish, olives, sundried tomato, feta cheese, basil pesto.

Salt & Pepper Squid $16.50

Served with chilli jam, wasabi mayo, rocket garnish, fresh lemon.

Camembert Balls $17

Served with spiced plum sauce & chilli jam.

Fries $7.50

With tomato sauce, house-made aioli.
Change to curly fries $2 extra.

Wedges $13.50

Topped with bacon, cheese, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce.

Herbed Polenta Chips $11.50 (V)(VEO)

Served with shredded parmesan, basil pesto & rocket garnish.

Crumbed Onion Rings $12.50

Served with tamarind mayo dip & dukkah.

Antipasto Platter $32.50

Selection of cured meats, dried/fresh fruits, cheese, olives, crackers & condiments.

Platter to Share $35

BBQ ribs, chicken wings, crumbed prawn cutlet, squid, onion rings, camembert balls, polenta chips with house slaw, fresh lemon, chilli jam & spiced plum sauce.

Soft Shell Tacos (3) $22.50 (GFO)

• Pulled pork with house-made slaw, smoked BBQ  sauce, sesame seeds.
• Charred lamb or grilled chicken, with baba gha noush, salad greens, red onion, cucumber &  tomato, topped with minted yoghurt.
• (VO) Available with refried beans instead of lamb or chicken $18.50.

Fresh Coromandel Mussels $18 (GFO)

Creamy sweet chilli sauce, fresh toast, butter, fresh lemon.

Nachos $19 (GF)

• Beef brisket or pulled pork with melted cheese, tomato salsa, guacamole, sour cream, jalapeno.
• (VO) Available with refried beans instead of beef or pulled pork $16.

Smokey BBQ, Honey, Bourbon Ribs
Half Dozen $24 Dozen $34

Pork ribs, house slaw, special BBQ ribs sauce.

Sweet & Spicy Honey Chicken Wings
Half Dozen $17 Dozen $30

Chicken wings, house slaw, sweet & spicy honey sauce.


(V) Vegetarian
(VO) Vegetarian Option
(VE) Vegan
(VEO) Vegan Option
(GF) Gluten Free
(GFO) Gluten Free Option

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