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Lakehouse Share Platter $40.00

BBQ ribs, chicken wings, squid, crumbed prawns, camembert balls, polenta chips, onion rings, coleslaw served with chill jam, plum sauce and lemon slice

Tacos (gfo) $22.50

Chicken: Lettuce, pineapple salsa and chipotle
Beef: Lettuce, cucumber, fried shallots, onion relish and kimchi mayo
Pulled Pork: Coleslaw, bbq sauce, aioli, sesame seeds and onion rings

Nachos Beef or Pork (gfo) $22.50

Melted mozzarella cheese w/ chunky salsa, fresh guacamole and sour cream on top

(V) Vegetarian

(VO) Vegetarian Option

(VE) Vegan

(VEO) Vegan Option

(GF) Gluten Free

(GFO) Gluten Free Option

(DF) Dairy Free

(DFO) Dairy Free Option

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